Multipliers of the Balancer ecosystem

Orb’s mission is to scale global utilization of Balancer Protocol.

We believe that a protocol’s success emerges from a strong interdependent relationship between its core technology and its ability to promote and spread usage of the technology. If one side fails, the project cannot make its impact on the world.

Orb presents a solution for promoting the growth of Balancer Protocol through a tightly aligned mix of partnerships, marketing, integrations, design, and people operations work.

Our services


Integrations execute the technical implementation of partnership opportunities and build technology to enable ecosystem development at scale.


Marketing spreads awareness of the Balancer protocol and ecosystem to the world and builds a strong brand that is recognized and trusted by end-users and partners.


Partnerships create growth opportunities through mutually beneficial collaborations with other projects.


Design illustrates the messages conveyed by marketing and creates experiences for end-users and partners that are clear, smooth, and enjoyable.

People Operations

People Operations ensures that all of these processes function well within a communicative ecosystem of individuals who are supported in doing their best work.